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The Il Burattino art studio was born in 2018, with the opening of the studio in via Giacomo Medici: the official start of a project dating back to an idea already matured a few years earlier.


The studio wants to re-propose the spirit of the Renaissance art workshop in today's context: it is a laboratory in which painters and sculptors work independently, sharing however, in addition to the laboratory space, a need for intellectual exchange and mutual help useful for their respective paths of individual growth.

Il Burattino is a studio dedicated above all to young people who want to inaugurate their artistic career. For this reason, its guest artists must undertake to respect a moral commitment, necessary to preserve the energies of a place that wants to remain young, low-cost and accessible: every time an artist of il Burattino achieves his own professional autonomy, he has to leave the space, having another budding young artist take his place.


This rotation intends to create a situation in which solidarity between artists, an increasingly rare value lately, can continue to express itself in the sincerity that has always characterized Tuscan art, especially in its best renaissance periods.

The studio will not only function as a place of personal expression for the guest artists, but will also have to function as a laboratory open to very young people interested in artistic disciplines: the artists of il Burattino are required to teach the craft of drawing, painting and sculpture to eager children to learn the art, who will be granted access to the facility. This is how we want to understand the spirit of our local art, of the culture that has characterized us for centuries: handing down its techniques in the most direct and free way possible.

For the artists of il Burattino, art must be pure and sacred, therefore the educational activity aimed at the very young will be practiced completely free of charge.


This is the identity that wants to distinguish us from the other artistic realities present in the Florentine area: the desire to create a place of artists for artists, in which we can make our knowledge accessible for future generations, who we are sure will treasure the teachings received here .



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